Developing a custom workflow dialog in AEM

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We sometimes need to capture data during a workflow step in AEM and this can easily be achieved with out of the box components. Furthermore, we can choose if the captured data is stored on page properties or on the workflow’s work item. Building the dialog The first step is to build a dialog, the… Continue reading Developing a custom workflow dialog in AEM

How to add comments programmatically to an AEM workflow?

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Workflows can become complex depending on your business needs and in many situations it can be necessary or helpful to the end user to add comments dynamically/programmatically to your workflow. This allows the user to see a history of comments and identify issues, make decisions, and have more information on what happened to the workflow.… Continue reading How to add comments programmatically to an AEM workflow?

AEM workflow comments

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How to access workflow comments? The default workflow participant step allows you to add comments choosing which process to go to. Although AEM stores the comments in the workflow itself, you can only see them on the comments tab of the workflow. What if you want to send the comments on an email or send… Continue reading AEM workflow comments

How to assign a workflow dynamically in AEM

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Very often when creating custom workflows in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) we need to be able to request input from a user. AEM support out of the box assigning directly to users or groups. Many times you want to be add some business rules on who to assign. Dynamic Participant Step AEM comes with a… Continue reading How to assign a workflow dynamically in AEM

Parsing AEM workflow arguments

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AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) provides the capability for creating custom workflow process. This can be very helpful when there is a need to automate some actions on the workflow. The default workflow process dialog allows you to pass arguments to the workflow. The arguments functionality allows you to easily reuse your custom processes in other… Continue reading Parsing AEM workflow arguments