Parsing AEM workflow arguments

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AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) provides the capability for creating custom workflow process. This can be very helpful when there is a need to automate some actions on the workflow. The default workflow process dialog allows you to pass arguments to the workflow. The arguments functionality allows you to easily reuse your custom processes in other… Continue reading Parsing AEM workflow arguments

AEM Audit Log API

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) provides provides an audit log, where different types of events are registered. For instance you can find the users who downloaded assets from the DAM, or users that modified content. There are situations when you want to add entries to the log, or query the log pragmatically, and Adobe provides an… Continue reading AEM Audit Log API

AEM, AWS CloudFront CDN and Closed User Groups (CUGs)

There any many ways to improve the performance of your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) website. Using a CDN is the best way to improve the performance and reduce cost on the number of servers you need, particularly if you rely heavily on assets (images, videos, files). A common use of a CDN is to put… Continue reading AEM, AWS CloudFront CDN and Closed User Groups (CUGs)